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/// Cadillac Asphalt Referral Program

Cadillac Asphalt Wants to Give You Money…

The more you refer, the bigger the project, the more you receive!

As a sign of our appreciation for your business, Cadillac Asphalt is offering an opportunity for you to receive a credit on your invoice or a “cash back” incentive! How you ask? Simply refer us to a friend, business partner or anyone else you believe would benefit from our services. It truly is that simple!

Please feel free to call your Cadillac Asphalt Representative to get started with our valued customer referral program

/// How our referral program works:

Step 1: Within 90 days of your dated invoice, refer us to someone you know in need of paving or pavement services, have them call for an estimate and have them mention your name or company name. And in return, we will send you a credit off your invoice or a rebate check in the amount of $100 or 5% (whichever amount is lesser). The max credit or rebate for Step 1 of the referral program is $100. So you may ask, “What is my incentive to continue making referrals after I receive the $100?” Well the $100 is simply the beginning! Wait until you see the next step of the referral program!

Step 2: Now this is where it really gets good! Say you send a referral our way and the referred party proceeds with completing the work with services provided by Cadillac Asphalt. What is in it for you, you ask? It depends; take a look below and all your questions will be answered.

Here is the rebate schedule, depending on the newly secured contract amount of your referral.

   Contract Amount

Credit (Cash Back)

$1,000 – $10,000

5% of contract

$10,001 – $20,000


$20,001 – $40,000


$40,001 – $60,000


$60,001 – $100,000




So let’s use a possible scenario to put things into perspective: Your invoice for services received is $5,000, you make referrals and Cadillac Asphalt receives requests for estimates from your referrals. Immediately, you get a $100 (or 5% credit off invoice) or cash back in appreciation for these referrals. Now this is only the tip of the iceberg. Now let’s say 2 of your referrals turn into work for Cadillac Asphalt, one contract being $36,000 and the other being $75,000. Based upon the fee schedule, you will receive a credit or cash back of $1,000+ $2,000 on top of the $100! So what does this mean? It means you will receive a credit or cash back of $3100, a whopping 62% off your invoice total! Sounds too good to be true? Well believe it! It is our way of saying Thanks!

Cadillac Asphalt thanks you for your business and looks forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship!