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About Us

Our History

Sheldon G Hayes and his son Sheldon “Shelly” W Hayes founded Cadillac Asphalt in 1946. The men came from a line of construction workers and business owners and had strong senses of civic pride. Both men served with the United States Air Corps in WWII following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and Sheldon G knew both Franklin D Roosevelt and Harry S Truman. The men heavily influenced the development and growth of the asphalt and concrete industries in the United States, giving input into the construction of the interstate highway system.

The Cadillac Timeline

1946 – Following their return from the war, Sheldon G and Shelly found the Cadillac Asphalt Paving Company. The company started by producing asphalt, offering paving services, and supplying Standard Oil products.

1950s – Cadillac Asphalt Paving Company opens a series of asphalt plants under the name Asphalt Products: One at a small gravel plant located in western Wayne County, while the remaining three were built on Levy properties at Dix Avenue, Mercier Street, and Mellon Road. These asphalt plants utilized blast furnace slag and steel furnace slag in their asphalt mixes.

1955 – Sheldon G helps found the National Asphalt Paving Association, serving as the first president of the association through 1958

1960s – Shelly takes on a larger role within Cadillac Asphalt. His experience in the field and his superb sales abilities leads him to be voted to the presidency of the Michigan and National branches of the National Paving Association.

1962 – Levy purchases Asphalt Products, and adds several additional plant locations under the Asphalt Products heading

1964 – Sheldon G retires, leaving control of the company to his son, Shelly

1971 – The Sheldon G Hayes Award is introduced by NAPA, named in honor of their first president. The award is bestowed annually to highway pavement projects exhibiting exemplary quality, with three rigorous rounds of evaluation.

1972 – Shelly sells Cadillac Asphalt Paving to the Levy Company. He stays on as a sales representative, working with the company into his 70s. Levy keeps the Cadillac Asphalt branding and allows them to independently operate their locations.

1990s – Shelly Hayes retires

2003 – Cadillac Asphalt LLC is formed, making Cadillac Asphalt a joint venture between Levy Co and Michigan Paving & Materials, another Michigan based asphalt supplier

2006 – Sheldon G and Shelly Hayes are inducted into the Michigan Construction Hall of Fame

2011 – Cadillac acquires the Shelby HMA Plant

2015 – Cadillac acquires 4 HMA plants from Barrett Materials

2019 – Cadillac enters an agreement which allows it to run HMA Plants in Monroe, Michigan

2020 – Cadillac Asphalt LLC operates as a joint venture between CRH and Levy. Michigan Paving & Materials and Stoneco of Michigan, which are both CRH companies, are close partners. We operate 12 locations around SE Michigan including our business offices.