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About Us

America’s Largest Asphalt Supplier

Cadillac Asphalt operates nine asphalt plants and, with our partner companies, nine aggregate and materials locations as well — including the largest liquid asphalt terminal in Michigan. As we control the source and quality of the aggregates and liquid asphalt cement, we can meet or exceed all specifications for every job — no matter how tight the schedule.

With the capability of producing more than 600 tons of asphalt per hour at each of our plants, and access to more than 15 fully-equipped paving crews — we can efficiently handle any size paving project in the area.

Each facility can also arrange for other products needed in the paving process such as stone base, tack coat and delivery to your job.

Talk with a Cadillac Asphalt expert today to find out how the latest technological developments can improve the quality of your next project and reduce the carbon footprint your company or municipality leaves on the surrounding community.

Our Mission

We believe in building a safer stronger tomorrow, enriching the lives of those that travel our roads, the customers we serve and all employees that make this possible.

Our History

Cadillac Asphalt’s history dates back to the early twentieth century. Many of our companies were on the forefront of technology and continue doing business today. While tools, methods and machinery have changed over the last 100 years, our commitment to providing quality products remains stronger than ever.

Our Partners

Cadillac Asphalt and its partner companies provide the expertise and support to help you start right and stay on track through project completion.