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To learn more about safety at Cadillac Asphalt, contact our Safety Team


Safety Manager: Jeremy Bagnell

734-394-9618 / jeremy.Bagnell@cadillacasphalt.com

Risk Manager: Pat Anglin

248-469-0256 / pat.anglin@cadillacasphalt.com

Field Safety Specialist: Alex Newlan

734-740-9359 / alex.newlan@cadillacasphalt.com

We always strive for the highest standards, especially when it comes to safety.

Our most cherished assets are our employees. Nothing is more important than ensuring their safety and health every working day. Cadillac Asphalt provides the training, tools and confidence our employees need to be successful on the job.

Cadillac Asphalt’s employee driven programs are a model in our industry. They have resulted in an atmosphere where safety has become a habit.

Our employee driven safety culture...People taking care of each other

Our employee driven safety culture has developed over the years as a way for our people to take care of each other. Our systems of Behavior Based Safety, Risk Assessment, Near Miss Identification and our Fourteen Steps to Fatality Elimination, place the focus on our employees returning home to their families healthy each day. We truly believe that a safe work environment pays dividends to our customers, our shareholders and especially, our employees.

At Cadillac Asphalt, safety and health cannot simply be words on paper or activities driven by regulations. The safety, health and well-being of our employees, customers and anyone that comes in contact with our work remains our first consideration. Safety and health exist as the cornerstone of the overall business strategy and expectation throughout our companies.

Our mission on health and safety is demonstrated through our Safety Core Values:

Zero Fatalities - Fatalities are unacceptable. Our solemn commitment to our employees is to prevent any and all fatalities.

Zero Incidents - We expect our employees to work every day without an incident. This includes a focus on common high frequency and minor accidents.

Employee Driven Safety Culture - To achieve a sustainable zero-incident workplace, our employees must truly “own” the safety program. In reality, they must hold each other accountable for safety 100% of the time, with strong management support.

Zero Fatalities

These are the basic mechanics of safety that will never be compromised. We demand 100% compliance, 100% of the time.

  1. Risk Assessment: Understanding and Systematically Reducing Workplace Hazard
  2. Mobile Plant Safety
  3. Isolation of Operating Machinery (LOTO)
  4. Machinery Guarding
  5. Confined Space Entry
  6. Working at Heights
  7. Lifting
  8. Underground and Overhead Utility Dangers
  9. Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  10. Conveyance and Storage of Materials
  11. Blasting Operations
  12. Work Zone Safety
  13. Employee Involvement in Safety Process
  14. 5′s

The following initiatives have been developed by our Safety Team and are monitored and bench marked.

  1. TRACK (Risk Assessment) shall be conducted prior to certain tasks. (This includes constant awareness of our surroundings and our environment – mud, ice, uneven ground debris on walkways/walk-paths/job sites, inclement weather, etc.).
  2. Daily toolbox talks are held prior to the beginning of each shift.
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (hard hats, safety glasses, high visibility vests, safety toed boots) are worn by all employees on our work sites.
  4. Safe Lifting Techniques (body posture, two man lift, etc.).
  5. 3 Points of Contact for Safe Climbing.
  6. Management of third party contractors while on Cadillac Asphalt properties and job sites.
  7. Proper Tool Usage.
  8. See Stop Do (Recognize the hazard, Stop to evaluate, and correct).

Employee Driven Safety Culture

To continue moving our safety culture toward Word Class performance, our company-wide employee participation and ownership programs, combined with management support have developed these specialized areas of focus:

  1. Training/Coaching/Behavior Reinforcement (follow-up)
  2. Employee Involvement/Engagement
  3. 5-S (Workplace Organization)
  4. Team Based Problem Solving
  5. Near Miss Reporting
  6. Management Support and Leadership

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